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Dirk Walker's Hunting & Sporting Series Volume I

Dirk Walker's Hunting & Sporting Series Volume I

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Giclee Art Prints

Limited Edition Sizes of 100 per size

Each Print will be Numbered and Signed

Certificate of Authenticity

My Giclee Prints are available only reproduced on Hahnemuhle Bamboo Fine Art Paper. One of the finest quality papers used by serious artists and printmakers. They are not available as prints on canvas. The reason for this is due to the quality of the printing process, I do not want to cannabalize my original art market.

So many buyers today purchase artwork from home decor shops and artists, believing they have an original piece of artwork; only to later discover it's a reproduction.

I want everyone who purchases an original oil painting of mine to be assured they have the only original on canvas. This protects the value of the original.

The prints on paper allows collectors to still enjoy having a Dirk Walker image. They are in themselves a unique piece of art.