“Camp Changes Lives” Announcing our partnership with Children’s Harbor! Your furniture purchase provides support for their amazing summer camps, serving seriously ill children and their families at the Children’s Harbor campus on Lake Martin. “There are far better things ahead, than those we leave behind.” CS Lewis


Our business originally grew out of my father's lifelong dream to build a family camp on an island in southern Ontario. His grandfather, Dr. Howard A. Kelly of Baltimore, had explored the area in the late 1800's and built the original family camp, Indian Point, on a remote northern lake . Many of his furnishings were hand made locally while later pieces came from the Old Hickory Furniture Company in the early 1900's.

Dad built his own place, Esther's Point 100 years later, and opened our eyes to a life in the north country he had known growing up, with cousins, aunts, uncles and canoe trips in the northern wilderness. 

From this love of the lake and the outdoors,  came our catalog of sporting art, gear, and  furnishings, Seibels Sportsman's Den, which first mailed from Owens Crossroads, Alabama  in 1994.  The catalog evolved into cottage home furnishings with a softer appeal thanks to my wife Suzy and continued mailing yearly through the opening of our retail store Seibels, in 2000 in Homewood, Alabama and was last mailed in 2003 as the store took precedent.

Lake homes are different in style all over the country, some more rustic than others. Seibels offers furnishings for lake homes, mountain cabins, beach homes and casual living just about anywhere. What we offer today is what we set out to offer in 1994: the quality and craftsmanship of an earlier time, with a rustic contemporary blend of current lines and classic styles.


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