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Bishop Saltwater Gamefish Map

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In the mid 1930's, renowned wildlife artist Richard Bishop and cartographer Joseph Sims designed and published exclusive maps of North American Game including the waterfowl flyways and this one, featuring our most popular North American saltwater gamefish. Included are the coastal ranges of each species as well as the rod and reel recordist the time. Each record is indicated in the chart and on the map along with the date, location, fisherman and reference. These fisherman were pioneers of the sport and include such greats as Zane Grey, the famous writer and sportsman. Though not mentioned and not well known at the time, one of the fishermen providing notable catches to the museums for reference, would become one of the great American writers of the 20th century, Ernest Hemingway. 26.5x31 /Framed 28.5 x 33. Allow 3-4 weeks.