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Richard Simmon’s “The True Measure of a Man” How Perceptions of Success, Achievement and Recognition Fail Men in Difficult Times

Richard Simmon’s “The True Measure of a Man” How Perceptions of Success, Achievement and Recognition Fail Men in Difficult Times

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"Richard tells men who they really are. He gives them what they need to finally 'get it.'" --from the foreword by Jerry Leachman

Men just "get" this book! It seems to resonate with them. Men who don't read many books read this one and want to get it into the hands of others. Why? Because Richard Simmons "gets it"--he identifies the ultimate issue all men face regardless of their age, occupation, or marital status.

"Men so often define themselves by what they do, who they know, or what they own. And when they do so, they unwittingly set themselves up for great confusion and failure in their personal lives." --Richard Simmons

Gathering support from the writings of noted authors and social commentators, Christian and secular, Simmons emphatically reminds us that every man at some point in life suffers misfortune. No one is exempt. However, the challenges of life offer men the potential for great good. In the midst of these struggles, we have the opportunity to see our lives transformed. The True Measure of a Man is uplifting, challenging, and most of all it points the way to personal and spiritual growth--based on the one, true measure we were meant to use! With the free, downloadable study guide, it serves as a superb resource for men's groups and church ministries. This book will change your life...and, perhaps, the lives of those closest to you. "The True Measure of a Man captures the importance of character over achievement. Richard connects the dots for men who are looking for something more in their lives than mere success." --Coach Bill McCartney, founder of Promise Keepers

"Should you read this book? If you can relate to any of the following, you will definitely want to soak in Richard Simmons' soul-probing The True Measure of a Man: You are weary, you've lost your way, or never found it. You've been humbled, had all the props knocked out, and been turned upside down. You want to know how you got off track, get your bearings back, and figure out what really matters. You want to surrender to the truth, and you're tired of living a lie. However, if you still think you're smarter than everyone else, you just wouldn't get it. This is a book I plan to read again." --Patrick Morley, PhD, author of The Man in the Mirror and How to Survive the Economic Meltdown

"The True Measure of a Man is a book I wish I had written, which is about the best compliment I can pay to any book. It is what I would call a great read both accessible and profound in its understanding of the inner forces that make up the male psychology as a man passes through midlife into, hopefully, a productive and fulfilling second season." --Bob Buford, Founder and Chairman, Leadership Network, author of Halftime and Finishing Well

"The True Measure of a Man is a book for every man of every faith or no faith at all. He'll learn why he doesn't have to live with the guilt, insecurity, and fear that most men experience but often pretend they don't." --Fred Barnes, Executive Editor, Weekly Standard, and regular contributor/commentator with FOX News Channel
"Richard E. Simmons III's book The True Measure of a Man is so full of common sense and practicality. It is especially poignant and meaningful at such a critical time in our country. May we all come to know God's grace, that he might teach us humility and kindness for all." --Ben Crenshaw, golf legend and two-time Masters Tournament winner